Cody West, a Growth Marketing Leader & Analytics Engineer

Avid learner, problem solver, and builder that enjoys working on difficult problems at the intersection of growth and data.

My Skill Stack

Growth Marketing
Analytics & Modeling
Paid Advertising & SEO
Demand Generation
Marketing Operations

About Me

I'm a growth marketing leader, analytics engineer, and entrepreneur.

I built and sold two businesses while living in a log cabin located an hour from the grocery store.

I also led the modern data stack build for a high-growth startup, took multiple websites from 0 to 100k monthly organic visits, managed 8-figure paid search budgets, and created highly profitable B2B paid social campaigns.  

I don't subscribe to the T-shaped marketer way of thinking and strive to be an expert in many different marketing and data related disciplines.

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"Cody can seamlessly bounce back and forth between “big picture” mindset and tactical nuance like no other marketer I know."

Nick Eubanks

Founder & CSO at From The Future

“Cody always amazes me when we collaborate on projects. His analytics background allows him to approach paid ads like a true scientist.”

Jason Nugyan


"It’s extraordinarily difficult to find someone who is a true expert in demand generation and analytics engineering like Cody is."

Chris Piper

CMO at Scribe Media

“Cody is not only one of the most technical marketers I know, but can also empathize incredibly well with the people he's marketing to.”

Skyler Reeves

CEO & Founder at Ardent Growth

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